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Welcome to the official Barons of Brutality webpage!

The Barons of Brutality is a guild that was formed some 10 years ago only months after the online game Dark Age of Camelot came into existence. Since that time the guild has progressed, with many leadership changes over the years, to where it is today. Many of the former Barons have spread out to different online games through the years, but this guild has always remained in Dark Age of Camelot. Currently our guild is in the Royal Dwarven Marines alliance.

Some things to consider about being a Baron: First and foremost as a member of the Barons, guild leadership requires 1 principal rule - Respect! You are required to be respectful of all other players within the guild, alliance and game. No disrespectful or selfish behavior will be tolerated. Also, as a Baron you are asked to help the guild and alliance as much as possible with activities, battlegroups and raids. It is also encouraged to wear guild colors, however it is not required. And there are no strict requirements of how often and how long you must play on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Just try to play as often as you are able. We are a very relaxed guild when it comes to most things, and lastly know that the Barons of Brutality guild thrives on fun-loving, sarcastic, friendly and helpful behavior from all of its members.

We are always recruiting new people to join the guild. If you are interested in joining us, and if this guild sounds like it would suit you, please feel free to contact any of our guild members or officers, either in game or here on our website. 
Thanks for visiting our webpage and we look forward to seeing you out there with us, spreading the blood of Albs and Hibs across the frontiers.


~Horgh, G.M. Barons of Brutality
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April Updates

Horgh, Apr 24, 13 10:57 PM.
Greetings all,
            The Barons are growing in numbers, and as such I have promoted Westenn to the rank of GM to help oversee the guild. I am not on as much because of my work schedule and I felt it necessary to have more oversight online. And on that note, Pigletto has been promoted to officer as well, so congratulations to both for their promotions! If anyone else would like to step forward to take on a leadership role in the guild, please let one of the GM's or officers know. We appreciate everyone's help. If anyone has any ideas for PvE raids, RvR grps, or anything else, please let us know. We're open to suggestions :). And lastly, as always thanks for being such a great group of people. You make the game enjoyable to play, and I appreciate that very much. Cheers!!!

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